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infant ? Very little when he is first born, but useful when he grows

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six for reasons given below constitute series D. In this series the clumps of bacilli

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Oeneral Medical Council, and with the assistance of such information as you

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known to act physiologically on the spinal cord, by destroying its

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enable the sick to recover in the shortest possible time." The

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soft, flexible body which exhibits writhing, wormlike movements.

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a matter of years, absolute cure a matter of many years. ' '

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himself: — About eleven years ago he was sent to India with his

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as on the 25th and 26th of May 1860, when, from Rajmahal to

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Savage, W. G. 1906. "Streptococci and Leucocytes in Milk," Jour. Hyg., 6, pp.

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and relatively slight expectoration, than in dry bronchitis.

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discovered in the future. Any of these varieties when they occur

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obedient servant, (Signed) Robt. B. Upton, Clerk to the Society.

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no pains had been felt. There was no recurrence of the hgemorrhage

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symmetry, having only one material element, or unit of weight, for

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March, when she was seized with a rigor after lying in her bed with

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once apparent that June, July, and August are the months in which

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with strong solutions of the proteins which Bertarelli used for immunizing, but only

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Gliadin, wheat. — The preparation of gliadin used in these experiments was made

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diabetes or Bright's disease, the ordinary treatment for all severe cases

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cocci, and the pneumococcus, are eliminated by this method since

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from infected to normal guinea-pigs. In the case of Dermacentor

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that the length of time elapsing before the growth of the organisms

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purely diaphragmatic from the first. He was torpid and slightly

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Southern California],), as the disease is much less common in warm

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a classification into groups of those facultative anaerobic bacteria

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where great suppuration existed, it became a serious question

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Medication: Mineral Acids. — If a primary lithiasis phosphaturica

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the ligature is removed. The syringe full of blood drawn from the other

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Guinea-pig 52: January 21, 1909, wt. = 690 gm. 0.1 gm. oidiomycetes intraperi-

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climates, with their varying accommodations, to suit individual comforts


" To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States:

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Eumydrin. — In place of atropin its far less toxic compound

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as the breeding grounds rise above water, and here it appears again

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counsellors there is wisdom," and nothing so much tends to the

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the attention of the General Medical Council to their recommendation. — I

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