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For several days this condition continucp, the patient's mind remaining
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suggests the possibility that the sputum types of pneumococci may
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Kes(ilvei>, That any member of this Society violating
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development of abscesses, bed-sores, gangrene, etc. The occurrence of any
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their favorite prescriptions for local use, which they claim afford them
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a greater or less extent, into a soft mud, well adapted for rapid de-
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field microscope. Such a large number of sera from individuals with-
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by the use of the anodyne in this case, oelieving that the mechanical
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In about one half of the fatal cases, a post mortem examination
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rican Philosophical Society, acknowledging the receipt of the twelfth
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Rocheport, Boon county, Missouri. In a letter addressed to Profes-
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his dying breath, " mv little taper is nearly extinguished, I hope it
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the brush and scraper, of the filth accumulated upon the surface if
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colchicum ; and to nialaria, quinine, but in many non-malarial cases also,
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The mucous membrane of the stomach and that of the duodenum

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