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blood is succeeded by diseases of various organs ; most notably
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recognized, but it has been largely limited to a small favored class of
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I in the following quotation from Dr. Osier's paper on "Medicine
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is practised in cases outside its limits, and have for cause : a. The time of
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Dionisio 1 in the experimental treatment of ozcena with light
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Infectious diseases were always considered the result of
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What was then found was unexpected characteristics. . . . Sulphur
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Koch for the B. tuberculosis, the other to tlie methods of staining these
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eral practitioner. He has also added articles on Cryoscopy and
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1928. *Stokes, Joseph, Jr., Henry Phipps Institute, 4219 Chester Ave. (19104)
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Heathlands Park, near Chertsey, England. He was the
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that they (the cylinders) were composed of vessels that had
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Institute. The large size, glittering aspect, globular shape, and surrounding
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thus tearing off the nose, so that it hung suspended by the septum and
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In reviewing the events that led to the situation we face today, I
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which disturb the pelvic circulation, or augment the ovarian
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In this case mitral regurgitation accompanies the tri-
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per 1 cc to a series of 30 constipated subjects, Kopeloff (Proc. Soc.
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family physician. Since our agency is unable to provide service after the
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atmosphere, a feeling of constriction or stuffing is always com-
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could be given as to the kind and amount of taxis which
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Generally speaking, the color of the stools becomes lighter the
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albumin^ a few epithelial casts. Diagnosis: mitral obstruction
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to be villous in structure. The bladder was laid open anteriorly throughout its
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functun :J> tffi- a part Pha/~ JfrntuS ttoieaJs u fafi&Traj&£&£t u> ~AuC
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different occult influences produced by the aid of mag-
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convey the specific noxa for the development of the worst forms of diph-
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