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of Ten Years' Observation and Work in Open-air Sanatoria.

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rated forward from moderate moisture into extreme moisture for tlie

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lish language. It was soon translated into French, Ger-

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account. Tlie distending liquid may be presumed to be bile when co-existing

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of more than six months. If all means of feeding the infant artificially

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and, with a few slight modifications, is now in use at

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more efficient than any of the cumbersome special en-

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substance, especially if the symptoms are urgent ; these doses luay be

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castration of bull-calves, especially when the scrotum has been

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different mucous membranes, vomiting, even diphtheria of the

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urine in this disease, by means of chemical and microscopical examina-

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I had, in fact, under my eye, a granular u ceration, pre-

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of lupus erythematosus were found. This acute form is considered a

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Leyden, and is characterized by vomiting occurring at regular intervals;

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ment. If an oculist's principal interest lies in surgery he will

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The osteopaths in this State have put up a stubborn fight for the right

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As to the treatment of the condition, whether it is an

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prolonged use of instruments without antiseptic precautions

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tainly met Avitli from time to time in tlio mouths of women of

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either by extension into the broad ligaments, from the

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tills Failure of existing methods of criminal legislation and

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Driving water at the same pressure through a larger

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ably metabolism is in its intimate processes imperfectly performed,

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Netley," Avrote one of them, "he will be long remembered as one

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thenic, border-line and undisturbed mental case, for a high-

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that of the hand six and a quarter inches. Each wrist presents

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the fascioliasis, due to Fasciola hepaiica, and opisthorchiasis, due to Opis-

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