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not later than October 16 to the commanding officer. Twenty-second

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kept on his side. He passed urine without assistance as

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two suckers on its ventral surface anteriorl3\ Those

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tients experience after cataract operations can be truly

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of those dead of the disease, blood clots are usually found

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closely associated with insufficient oxidation of the blood,

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a limited area, opposed to each other. Forcing a greater

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quantity of bloody serum escaped from some of these. A line of separation

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tivity, and diffusing practical knowledge. But there may

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general fatty degeneration affecting the wl\ole fibre, but we have found

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disease with sleeplessness as a marked symptom gave reliable

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to poison their arrows. If introduced into the blood in sufficient

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of the air-passages and air-cells of the lungs ■ "

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The causes were complex, and came from conditions of liv-

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such women upon the use of bark and serpentaria duiing

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cause it is comparatively cheap and non-poisonous to man and the

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In the sensory disturbances in which the activity of the sensory nerves

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junctival reaction, suddenly, without any warning, a fol-

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1G92, along with Drs. Molyneux, Ralph Howard, Willoughby, Dun, and

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contain fluctuating suppurative foci which by their rupture become the

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tion and the hurry of pressing business; it is often owing, too, to decay

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mend a most thorough organization in the medical societies In the

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pitals, located in the environs of the principal cities, we recommend Dr.

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styptics or other direct means for cheekin<r the hem-

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Dr. Kano Ikeda of Saint Paul, Minnesota, whose report

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scription of the various regions are made interesting by the

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have, in not a few instances, shown gall-stones with

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infection established in the United States. It is their

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try's alcoholic individuals appear as "ordinary citi-

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may lead to an immense advancement of our knowledge of

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tents of the stomach were effectually discharged the relief would be per-

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remained so for about two weeks, when it resumed its natural

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liemorrhajre and softening. There are other conditions, however, so identi-

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