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ly rapid in the circulatory system), and death quickly
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led us to regard it rather as an eifect of nutrition. The well-
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physician will then pass a groove-director through the external
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soft than in the latter. This is notable in the hands and feet. Every
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Examination of the lungs showed dulness over the left base al-
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the patient finds himself in a condition, which any of us may realize to ourselves
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My own observations have accorded with those given by the corres-
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All students in pathology will be highly interested in
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The cord tissue itself is not sensitive to pain, as far as I have been
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coloured urine shows that it is of high specific gravity,
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booming; the second not so loud. Passing inward to-
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much on their dignity to refuse the assistance of a private
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double-space, should be listed in the order of their
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dine, fluorine, and in phosphorus. Portuguese oysters
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active cathartics, and great care should be taken to remove any hardened
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of the horse's hoof or the sharp contact of the tire of a wheel.
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ers, they will deem their labours more than sufficiently repaid."
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lesions. It is sometimes enlarged either permanently or intermittently,
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ciencv of the coming generation will give as great returns in helping
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death. The segmentary resection of an approaching perfora-
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or in modern parlance that it is " up to him " so to educate his
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dilated. Another mode of death is by suppression of urine leading to con-
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It will be observed that the wording of this title, with the exception
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and languor are read ; when the corrugator supercilii co-
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(1) Tremor, — This begins in one hand, with either pronator-
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sicians, for believing it to have become more general, and at least equally de-
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the voluntary to the general register. The deaths numbered 7
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for September 21st M. Matton, of Dax, contributes a short
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dented numbers. A death from plague is reported to have oc-
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from its statements as to the character of the natural and pre-
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patients have remained well for 3 and 4 years. Renton
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milder application, such as hydr. ammon. 3 grs. ; lanolin or lard, §j.,
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pectorated, in general, bears no proportion to the quantity of exudation ;
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omentum, and, in tlic other two, through the gastro-colic
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arrest to the coagulation of the blood, caused by con-

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