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of it, when I induced Dr. Spittal to try it in his wards. At present, I

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The State has no right to force a child, by a State law, to sit

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It will be seen that the life of the clergyman is on an aver-

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bably the cause of the unilateral convulsion and paralysis.

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8601 Six Forks Road , Suite 300, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615, 919-847-8102, 1-800-334-8534. Other offices:

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logical Society at its session in 1888. The numbers in

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area. It must be remembered also that the distensibility of

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either of opiates or stimulants. Large quantities of brandy have

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Treatment of Initiatory Sjunptoms of Meningitis 73K

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In an effort to achieve better pH control with cimeti-

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the majority of the medical profession strongly advocating

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In order to ascertain whether this .was due to an excess of

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report on this subject, and I have no doubt whatever that if, at this

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a faint trace of albumin in the admission specimen, but subsequent examinations

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Discursive Notes as to the Management of the Insane. By Barton W. Stone, M.D., 91

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definite outlines; it contains many granules of melanin, and i:)OSsesses

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lower part of the sternum. The reasons are: first, that the aortic valves

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(9) Terminal Pneumonia. — Many instances of pneumonia are discovered

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the brilliant men who occupy many of the chairs of anatomy

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cance, constantly proved his eminent fitness as a safe

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depression in the vessels. Belladonna, which makes the circu-

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inflammation of the cutis (vaso- neurosis). The' respiratory

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cartilage, and synovial membrane. 3. The structure of the

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less dense basis substance. M, myxomatous portion com-

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List No. 2 is furnished in gummed sheets, for use on your mailer, and will be

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dient in which is the grey oxide of mercury,) and cold envelopes

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Colombia : Panama, April 29-May 6, 4 cases, 1 death.

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him the propriety of uniting with his brother artists and the medical faculty, in

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The Effects of Ansesthetics on Drinkers. — M. Dubois, wiitino- in

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falling off is seen, with exceptions, and especially in

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under the molecular influence of the nucleus, into the

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conjunction with other symptoms, a progressive increase in

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not allow us to proceed further. Unfortunately the examination of

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tions. In general Achilles tendon or ankle clonus is most frequent.

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ter through the anterior urethra, bringing it out of the perineal

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joined " the innumerable caravan that moves to the pale realms of

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teriorly on the left side. On the right side posteriorly they cannot be

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