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vacancies in the Poor-Law Medical Service, and never hesitates
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position in space ; if each eye would require the same degree the object is
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disappeared, and only the axis cylinders remained. Gombault distinguishes these
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Osseous system. — No evidence of tenderness an3'where on
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valuable therapeutic agent. What control a purely vegetable diet may
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use of oral contraceptives and the following serious adverse reactions: thrombo-
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Dr. Friedenwald: Some of our cases were confirmed by operations;
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white glistening colour, and presenting very clearly can
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by being unilateral. It is as easy to conceive that the
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trypanosomes present. Of the latter, one died on the fifth day and two died
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* Read before the New York State Medical Association, November
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education, geology or astronomy or chemistry, and English lit-
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did not vary. However, when these sporeless bacilli were transferred to
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ous. In frequency, however, it has fallen off about fifty
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denic disease. So wholly different were these appearances from anything
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deaths, however, occur within the week, and are due either to asphyxia
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Although its deviser, Haighton, was a co-lecturer with Lowder, Mulder's
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intoxication, it is possible for a reactor to " pull himself together "
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frequency and feebleness of the pulse, muscular prostration, etc., the mea-
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greatly influenced by the character of the diet. Whenever the
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news each issue — news which will be of great interest
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favorable conditions will be present. Local infiamma-
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have been cured in the sanatoria, and nontubercular convales-
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but in itself inaccurate. He has, therefore, very properly
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mm. broad; it is formed like a leaf. The leaf is provided with a
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the dustless floor oils. The windows should be kept clean, and each
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former may be mentioned pleurodynia (intercostal neuralgia or myalgia),
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in the neighborhood, and Smith, who may be in condition to be saved
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municate directly with large lymph canals, immediately
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prevents correct auscultation. The best way is to hold the stem with the thumb
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of 1880 sputum examinations were positive ; however tabulation of
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these symptoms may be absent. There is generally, though not
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bone. Dr. Mussey removed the arm, the entire shoulder blade, and
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" I . I consider that the relative frequency of diseases of the
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Take a large piece, scale and wipe, but do not wash it ; salt

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