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and perform any kind of work, without having any pain in the leg whatever.*

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The addition of a few drops of chloroform will hasten the color changes. —

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Le Progres Medical, Nos. 46 to 52, 1874, and Nos. 1 to 5, 1875.

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by primary adhesion, without inflammation. Thus allied, the

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tar of the teeth, or of the sulphocyanic acid in the saliva with the

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lung, personally he knew of two successful resections

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of the city at all times, and will determine positively whether or not

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cations according to the particular combinations of sutures which

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In the majority of cases, undoubtedly, the influenza germ enters

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Twins in France. — The relative frequency of twins

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urine for possibly 24 hours, followed by symptoms of acute, diffuse

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be some acceleration of the pulse ; respiration will also be slightly

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logical Society at its session in 1888. The numbers in

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been my fortune to encounter. Removal of this membrane proved

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peated. At three o'clock I lay down for an hour and

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of the Jewish faith. Because of the number of Protestant patients,

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to the nurses during each week ; but their practical training

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broadcloth in a merchant's shop as with half an hour of his time."

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advises the substitution of arbutin for the plants containing it, as uva ursi,

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four grains in a day to a child of three or four years — have seen yellow urine

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Salol and diuretin are the only medicines I use, with

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mild disinfectants. Constitutional remedies would hold the

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sible errors in weight bearing not primarily due to congenital or ac-

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better consult over this matter before going further? " He

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the present day as to the nature of the various dis-

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to some central lesion or inflammation in the medulla or floor of the fourth

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> The cerebral nature of hysterical convulsion is not, I think, called in question.

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In the male sex a somewhat similar accident to the rupture

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tends to relax the system suddenly can be useful, and on which

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tions, etc., are necessary to bring about a manifestation

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have, in addition, all the symptoms which are usually ascribed to what is

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symptoms similar to those recorded the night before. Respiration was slow,

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so far cultivated were (1) ameba lobosa (var. guttula, oblonga, ondulans,

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have, in addition, all the symptoms which are usually ascribed to what is

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conditions fevor the spreading of diphtheria, and that isolation

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