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Sanitaria for Consumptives. — In the Union medicale for
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at all." He had studied the methods of teaching anatomy used
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the wound will be excited by its presence. Long organic ligatures of silk or thread,
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radical, and in the second, to the triphenylmethyl ion. In other words, it
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Treatment consisted in a mixture of potassium bicarbonate,
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ProPessOr, " did 1 ever find a true corpus tuteum, except as the
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manubrium and gladiolus, and just at this point there
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of London, England, and a former pupil of Virchow's. We
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It has been ray good fortune to meet here some leading
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pursuit, the attainment of which is to benefit other
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(Hb. 70.) The stomach content after an Ewald test meal was
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from a musical instrument or any other source to the brain,,
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all, together or in turn. And that single cause may be an
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a result of careful analyses of urine, that neither the phos-
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evidently originated in the fact of its being" peculiarly incidental
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placement of the globe, and the formation of pus in the surrounding cellular
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Experiment of February 23d. — Shock produced by removal of skull-cap.
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but never consulted, should receive their true and proper
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however, the instruction must be given under the direction of medi-
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is retention of cholesterine in the blood, in consequence of destruction of the
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made more distinct under the action of this acid. When a single
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Investigation Board was one of the most signal things in industrial progress in
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turnal paralysis but did not appear to influence his course.
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should be noted that in all these instances deficiencies in pulmonary
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conjunction with other symptoms, a progressive increase in
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for one month, to take effect about December 15, 1S87. S.
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arch. Careful inspection and palpation may disclose pulsation and per-
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cape, eventually caused the rent in the wall of the
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be considered as a safe one. In making the sutures he used fine
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alight inability to fix the thoughts, or a loss of memory. Generally, the
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farious manifestations that has not been removed by suggestion during
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11 :30 a. m. and 3 p. m. show a larger output of chlorids and of urine
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anticipation or antedating renders the unsound members of the stock

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