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protruded enormously, but, the friends removing it from the
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whelming evidence. Its poison is carried by the atmosphere, and is
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with powdered corrosive sublimate, antiseptic dressing. Pa-
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out operation, while no operation will save some of the
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worker of miracles on September 1G. The following morceau
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suffered by adults, that the bile is in some manner imperfectly elabo-
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lieve the operation by the gimlet, as proposed by Dr. Detmold, would be
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may be narrowing of the lumen and thickening of the wall in limited
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cases the renal secretions again became active a few-
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would say, that there were many indications in this case that the
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The Nature of v Resistance to Tuberculosis. — Dr.
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the stomach, the organs of respiration and those of locomotion, still remain under the imme-
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the dew of malarious places. This matter imparted a dark hue to
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lowed in indicating a family tendency — viz., if a father or
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ture. Nine days afterwards, there appeared an erup-
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base, tapering off to a hair-like extremity, which becomes lost in
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12. Some of the More Common Forms of Tropical Diseases
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when the head did not advance. A good instrument with long handles is
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disease is most extensive toward the centre of the tube, and becomes
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term." With our artificial habits of life, a severe erythema may be in-
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of equal parts of olive oil and lime-water. This, which I have
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He had inquired into the mental conditions of the persons
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or localized areas of chronic peritonitis, and (2) diff'use chronic peritonitis.

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