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seem secondary cases were any less liable to occur where

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that in none of the three cases before us was it present in any marked

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treatment, if the public are to be relieved of the ever-

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and persecution ? These measures may have retarded the exam-

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ulcerations, and their occurrence was most frequent

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3 Munch, med. Woch., 1900, No. 49, and Arch. f. klin. Med., vol. Ixix.

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veloped more or less grave septic conditions, or have

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results in each instance are similar to those encountered in previous

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conceived the idea of a State sanatorium, at Sanatorium, IST. C, was a

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by a variety of agencies differing entirely in their character

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shortness of breathing and palpitation ; these symptoms are sometimes slow in appearing.

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conceived to be caused by the possession of devils, who

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will succeed the cure. He further states that he has

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massage, and any extensive passive motion after that time should

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" The mountebank that cutt wry necks, cutt three tendons in one child's

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food can be seen to pass at intervals through the narrow neck

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they were wanting and pronounced longitudinal striations were noted, or

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* The post-mortem examination was performed hy Dr. Haldane, at that time Pathologist

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more successfully dealt with than those in which the

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tuberculosis, in which the tissue is soft and gran-

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congress, to which should be referred the task of establishing international

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Insanity, is it on the increfuse? By H. Mandsley, M.D 64

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