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Mass., by letter to the Surgeon-Oeneral for annulment ot contract.

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more violent. There was severe constipation, and the pain in

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tion program they sponsor as well as through medical student

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of the disease is very bad, especially as it occurs usually only in a

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As to quantity to be given of wine, whisky, or brandy, he says : " There are

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The "Simplex " consists of two cylinders, sliding easily the

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give the patient no pain. The haemorrhoids were then tied in the

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also gray and black in spots, and contained points which were more vas-

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sidered that the previous long-continued hemorrhages

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remarkable epidemic has been carefully described in the writings of

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the War Department in 1863, permitting troops to take the ears, there

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tion. In very severe cases a considerable amount of pain is

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in bad shape, but I think that was entirely due to the careless

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was 111" Falir. At th<- linn- of the autopsy, tive

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by tonsillectomy during the acute state of the dis-

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This operation was performed July, 1864, and three gal-

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after the milk had been coagulated by acids or lactoserum. Simi-

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four it was normal, while in the remaining three there was no

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become loaded down with uric acid — urea — xanthin and paraxanthin,

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Mustard Whey. Vinegar Whey. Rennet Whey. Orange Whey.

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Cine Radiology, second Friday, 12:00 noon, Wadley Regional Medical Center.

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with cessation of the pain which before had existed at

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Cerebellum. Edinger (Neurologisches Centralblatt, October

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Differential count: small mononuclears, 29 per cent.; large mononuclears,

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the aggregate saving of infant and maternal life will surpass

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