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xxxiii, 85-87. — Hus (E. V.) Epididymitis as a compli-
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solidation of lung from exuded products becoming organized ;
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result of two bad matings, and let them marry each other, the majority
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cies. The English government pledged its active co-
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■g .2 .2 = -^ -^ o 8 s -a o "g tc_, o -^ ro ^ .2 w -g -
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a view to determining the frequency and the character of these
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halgh, Sir W. Fergusson, and Dr. Routh. All advised
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similar cellular lesions to those of experimental tetanus in animals — globular
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following conclusions: 1. That no precautions can guard
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the most direct and simple, the difficulty, however, being that some of the
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cirrus; I, intestinal furcations; V. sc, vitelline sacs;
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serve as role models for the behavior we hope children will adopt and we can advocate for public policy that
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should be boiling. Serve. This nourishing broth is known as
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bering what man's mental and moral organization was, and
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Prognosis. — -The prognosis is good, quoad vitam. Very occasion-
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But while eminent naturalists were laughing, an enthusiastic and \n-
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Post-mortem softening is more likely to occur at the canliac than at the
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toxic agent existed it mi-ght be demonstrated by administer-
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distilled water with the aid of 1 gm. of piperazine. The solution was ster-
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second 62, etc. The pulse-rate taken at rest before exercise A was 62, before
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instances (Pastau). In further confirmation of this may be stated tlie fact
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observations seem to show that in cases of maternal albuminuria, the foetus when
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loosened cartilages and the bones had been filled with a dark,
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and for purifying volatile substances. It may be divided into frac-
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vard University. Connected with vaccinia and vaccination are questions
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lation of nitrogenous substances in the blood can occur without

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