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and of movement in the treatment of diseased and injured joints, bones,

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is desirable. Why should not authors read their own pro-

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increased vocal fremitus, bronchophony and pectoriloquy,

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Fig. 16. — Curvilinear incision to expose 9th and 10th ribs.

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published and popularized. There are indeed many different

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quently follows parturition. Large multiple fibroid tumors are

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iodide of potassium (very delicate), the terchloride of gold,

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rollers apphed round the joints. Fortunately, the experiment proved

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written, owing to " the absence of a complete work in English on the

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patch. Some of these cases would be called diphtheritic,

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purplish-red appearance of the muscles, the waxy, mottled, or

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Case 10. — (IL G. Clark, 1879.**) A female, twenty-four years of age, suffered dis-

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and the bullet presented its convex end and was readily drawn out ;

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A folliculitis affecting principally the nape of the neck, leading to

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in his: Ueber congen. Missbild, 8°, Berl., 1882, 38-18.—

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the same time. It then became apparent that the vas was not

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of putrefactive change might be needed to destroy this quality,

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night, caused an abrasion of the anterior surface, through which a stream

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probability of an exposure to another casf-. l>ut 1

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The shortest violet wave, just before extinction in the

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ment in those who seem likely to suffer severely from it. Until recently

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posterior surface of the cornea are deposits of pathological productions of

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account of the weight complained of in the inferior extremities.

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