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were set free on account of being hopelessly afflicted

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through the kidneys and intestines. Phosphate calculi are important

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of patients in rapid succession, and the nurse is con-

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line of least resistance and exhausts itself upon inno-

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persons who were among the earliest to be vaccinated after the passing of the

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It has then a fatty taste besides the aromatic. Moreover, water

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Exciting Causes are t he immediate causes of particular dis-^

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by individual characteristics of the patient and by his

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istered, the only curative cause that can be supposed to be in opera-

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by accretion. They involved none of the surrounding tissues,

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4. Between the dura and the external cerebral face a simi-

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tion of the peritonaeum from the uterine muscle beyond the

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six weeks ago) in i)la.ster-of Paris. A fenestra having

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scientific research when its object has so direct a

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establishes the passage of chlorides through the kidneys, produces polyuria,

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The different forms of uraemia, which are separated for purposes of

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latter are cases of so-called hay asthma, which will be noticed presently

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In regard to moral treatment, Dr. Chandler writes as follows : " We recog-

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emboli either in the spleen, where they may cause pain, some-

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paroxysms may occur daily or several times a week. They seldom occur

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had entered there, and, after having passed downwards and backwards,

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pttient grows very restless, tosses about constantly, the pupils are con-

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* ** Upon the relation of bronchial and palmonarj haemorrha^ to pulmonarr con-

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operation, when bile was still present in the intestinal tract, con-

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tween the endothelial cells has softened, and the spaces

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at the annual meeting of the American Public Health

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