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the inside of the skull under the posterior part of the
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■ mad characters will he welcomed by many, not only psychologists, but
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suming the form of typhoid, or, more properly, typho-malarial fever. Sanitary
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The first one to enter is the proposed new Section on Hospitals,
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small minute dial at top, causes tlie small hand to register
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the second ordinarily is accentuated at the apex and the third at the
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into a separate receptacle attached in front. I am, therefore,
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which that operation had been done continued as severe as
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Nos. 36 and 37 were badly situated on either side of the main
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subjects. It is also worthy of remark, that if a misstatement is thus made it
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'' The mammary glands are among the most remarkable organs in
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of fever, loss of appetite, eruption of vesicles on the oral mucous membrane,
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woman aged 45, presents features of peculiar interest, as the patient recovered
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well to give an alkali, such as bicarbonate of potasli with
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too long, or are loaded with tabular matter or prolix histories of
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Symptoms. — Intense ansemia, with its usual symptoms ; a
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gotten ; or there may be an uncontrollable desire to question or analyse
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dence from all sides soon overbore all but the most
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has now been twice decided against the Surgeons ; and on this
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series were 97% and 95%, respectively; no complications
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same period there were 8 cases and 2 deatlis in tlu
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operation M. Trousseau's name may be particularly men-
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to the city. He has returned to the country infected and sophisti-
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tions cicatrize. I have in mind three or four cases where that was done
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ihe dyspnoea is relieved, the remedy should be withdrawn.
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tapping, the rolled up omentum may be clearly felt running across the
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happens that the inflammation is resolved, and then only leads to

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