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^'otlier with tlie endothelial cells of the blood-vessels. It is frc^m

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differed from those of Crohn,''' ^ in enabling us to carry on repeated

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(on a mg/kg basis) than the daily recommended therapeutic dose has resulted in

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a reaction with Trommer's test, simulating that of sugar.

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cession and the presence of trypanosomes were decidedly unfavor-

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Of the Leg. — 6 eases ; 1 for enchondroma, 1 for cancer.

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Manabe and Matula,^ who claim to have proved Pauli's theory,

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and by any kind of that disturbance which we call functional.

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l)eing absorbed into and modifying the blood. These remedies have been

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was first directed to it by my colleague. Dr. Stockton. In many cases

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cases of stones in the kidneys, small or even large, in which

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diphtheria. This name, the significance of which relates to the most

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(2.) Several, perhaps many, punctures may be required

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never be forgotten that it is very rare for a patient or the friends to

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The "Simplex " consists of two cylinders, sliding easily the

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Clinical Features. — Paroxysmal attacks of coughing

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cannot be traced. The Urbana family claim descent from

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Avay ; pain in chest gone ; gone on deep inspiration, except at a small

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as at the St. Louis, because I have not been able to organize my help here as well

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attempt was made to control any of the arrangements, the purpose being

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the hip in the old person is not common at all ; for the

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panting and heaving, varying from 30 to 50 per minute ; the pulse beats from 120 to 160, and

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me in the treatment of pneumonia.'' There is no doubt of its power to so

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most unnecessary application of carbolic acid to the system, and I believe the

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siderable number of investigations, in establishing the identity

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both here and abroad, the disease in numberless instances has been

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tions showed red corpuscles varying between 2,500,000 and

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