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characteristic stools were observed. On February 2, a typical

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regarded as physiologically correct and amply sufficient. How-

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of hearing, singing in the right ear, and what he described

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Don’t play “Fish For Your Insurance.” Hook-on

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derates, it is not improbable that the uterus or the ovaries may be absent, or

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chamber, in order to purify its atmosphere. Let the orifice of the

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tumour had given rise to the idea that they origiually existed

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diminution. These institutes constitute about the only means whereby

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that have never been excelled, if they have been equalled, in the employ-

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manufacturer and marketer of surgical staplers, the innovative leader in the

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President, John Jeftries, M. D., in a legible handwriting, within the time specified.

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sensitive; the larger ones were hemispherical or elliptical, raised above

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they are on the inner side, while in cases in which the acetabulum has

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not tell whether the disease was diphtheria or not. The

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Dropsy, lecture on. By Charles Murchison, M.D., F.R.S... 36

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experience and practice of the elder Allingham it has great

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Surgeon to the Xew York Dispensary, Department of Venereal and Skin Diseases, etc.

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perfumes, the power of which it is said to increase.

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limbs. Local applications. Mercury. Antimony. Tobacco. Opium. Indian

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be recognized. In doubtful cases he would recommend

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especially around the appendix, and by American writers to the

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as due to the formation of the pelvis and soft parts, relative size of the

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Smart, of Washington, D.C., Chairman, read the report

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with ripened alkaline (Loeffler's) methylene blue numerous minute bodies, stained

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Examinations be postponed till next session. That, in the

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4J^ inches long between the rings, with side bars. The attach-

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Board of Health for Scotland, for the exercise of powers with

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sisted of various minute fragments of vegetable tissues, such as woody tissue,

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when emptied of the matter, should be filled to a moderate degree of

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toward proper therapy. Affections of the stomach, heart disease,

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■which has proved in his hands a successful remedy in more

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or people who have to do Avith animal products. In some of the cases

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find it in an anniversary address delivered by the writer on October 16, 1896 (the

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