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suggest the acute renal inflammations following diphtheria as sup-

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fore be defined as a uni- or multi-regional contraction, affect-

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any person would be admitted unconditionally for advice, not treat-

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external sign of violence, no abdominal pain or tenderness.

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was probably poured out in consequence of atrophy of the

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ment and improvement of all the parties in the highly

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tic crystals, without odor, and having a slight, acrid, bitter

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able difference of opinion, and the advocates of the

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If there is any food left in the bottle, throw it away; do not give

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der their immediate direction, in all the hospitals. For this

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patient is to lie between blankets during the application of the bottles

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Following is a Prayer for a Dyspeptic, drawn up by an ad-

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himself in the travels of others, he imagined that all Africa

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not retain food in his stomach. They are generally very soothing

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hour. During the convalescence, her family physician. Dr. Edmund

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tions that render constant stooping necessary, as in the carpenters' and

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had a second one curved somewhat as above. He thinks

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fessional character, and entitle their owner to the fellowship

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however, often select their doctor for reasons known to

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write to the Office of Rural Health Programs, Depart-

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theritic paralysis than that both complications are more

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" I . I consider that the relative frequency of diseases of the

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which was very difficult to check. He had one or two smart attacks

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are practically impossible in the individual's home. The individual

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naso-occipital arc (30), naso-bregmatic arc (10), binauricular

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patient's heart and respiration improved immediately.

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erosions, and lacerations of the cervix, as follows : —

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