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further work at the Sloane Maternity Hospital in New York. He

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the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, grad-

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hensible pages, an accurate history and vivid picture of the fear-

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received his degree of M.D., and subsequently pursued his medical

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eration of the endometrium. The uterus is enlarged, and read-

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forming all the duties requiring both skill and judgment. A

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few days ago, meeting him upon the street, I asked him how our

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Sept. 30. — Taken during the night with severe cramps in the

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nianner, affable and entertaining in society. In tSSi he

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Maternity hospitals. He is also a member of the Greater New York

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pared with our principles, reduced to methods of getting at the

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as yet, have been termed arthritis senilis — in particular, the malum coxce

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if a direct irritant (as galvanism) causes muscular contraction,

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looked after, are all subject to suppvtration, and therefore must be

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palpitation on going up-stairs. Faintness about the heart.

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An unusual portion of the time of the Worcester-County

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Evolution Trying to do Away with the Clitoris?" (Trans, of the A. A. O. G.,

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and scholarship evidenced in its initial number, it can hardly

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"To the operator?" — "Yes, because it is an experiment that is successful only

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three numbers. He brought the abstract of proceedings down to

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sioner of New York City, which partnership continued effectively

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bom Ihcre near where the little town of Callao Js now

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He became a specialist in his department only after years of work in

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track, and that, moreover, his intervention would be blam-

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position he filled for eight years. During a large portion

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