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about by different environments. The further difficulty of

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At bedtime he had 20 grains given him in half a tumbler of

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any rate of its leaders, in regard to the employment of electricity

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in such places as yards, stables, cattle cars and the like, it is

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a few cases. The tissues around the larynx are hemorrhagic

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"The lungs are rarely entirely healthy ; most often they

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We should add, that the paper of Dr. J. M. Green, contained in our last

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faster, and thus get more work out of themselves for the

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acting forty-eight hours failed to destroy anthrax spores, the

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subject) apply to those conditions in which the excitement ranges

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has, in his hands, never failed to produce a cure in twenty-four hours.

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obtained as long ago as 1832 by Lowig. Dr. Steinaner's

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chest, the head is extended on the neck, the back is arched,

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uric acid diathesis is capable of a different interpretation to

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pulse rose to 108. The respirations were more frequent, and

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essential to the best results are often considered too tedious and

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sive sublimate. Water saturated with iodine destro}-es it in

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ing in frequency, instead of diminishing, as the day advanced,"

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patints; in shock and collapse ; in the sur- bonate being added to the regular normal salt

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the kite makes a turn and begins to ascend. By gradually

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tubercles small and fewish, and less vascular than iisual, are,

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what doses the greatest advantage is to be derived from the

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the other day, almost eighteen months after treatment. She is

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ether for a half hour. The resulting prep- distinction to the physiological form, this

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not to require an operation, is worth, Sir, the additional publica-

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soda has been used with great success. , , , V,,. „ _, ^ ^ .

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vitality, situated where it is subjected to pone operative interference until septic

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Indeed, they talk of germs on money. ar' onery whin it cums to curin gerrums."

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results that Dr. Parkes has arrived at will merely convince im-

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