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to normal if in the case of partial adrenal extirpation the remain

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portable instrument is utterly useless. In cases of

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subjects delivered by Dr. Deaver at Washington University in Seattle during

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The leaden wire which had been placed around the neck to withdraw the

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exercise a baneful effect. In naming a minister of pub

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ment of a communication between cavities in the lungs or a pyopneu

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other cause which has lowered their vital powers. The delirium is

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convinced that it afforded any sufB.cient compensating advantage. One

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Prognosis. In early cases proper treatment usually pro

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were used but now neurin is used in their place and re

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language and of the elements of mathematics and natural

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which the rhonchus might be heard would indicate the amount

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leucocytes which are sometimes so well marked as to permit of

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not only the arrangement of the cells was peculiar but

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cases to repeat this treatment daily for three or four days and

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around the neck of the bottle to a peg over their hammocks.

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injection of normal salt solution hy Jected into the veins a severe chill

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resentations which I deem advisable briefly to consider. I will here

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over the fire in a saucepan. When scum rises skim add

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great matters. Vesalius I and his contemporaries cre

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