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"Labyrinthine Phenomena dependent upon Middle Ear Diseases and their Re-

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the thousands of to-day ! Women doctors are not intru-

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1. Inebriety, in all cases, must be regarded as a disease, and

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edited the first medical journal in Alabama, and it was

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Dr. Samuel D. CjKoss was born near Easton, Pennsyl-

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member of the University Club, the Century Association, the Garden

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Either distant or mediate compression is the immediate

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position of the uterus, endometritis, periodical ovarian congestion,

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before, he had been seized with convulsions, which lasted several

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and a subject which should give the physician no slight concern,

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York City for thirty-four years, and is one of New York's repre-

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Dr. Michael was married lo Miss Susie Mitchell, of Har-

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from this person, or that rag, or something else. He thought

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the pain was in the reverse direction, I gave einnabaris, and it

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" Yesterday we finished the six powders sent last week.

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The dealer in facts who ventures into the realm of art, too

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come extreme. Changes in the bones of the pelvis are of no special clinical

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LBERT SIDNEY MORROW, M.D., graduate in medicine of New

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CAMUEL SMITH PURPLE, one of the founders of the New York

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lesions. The line of the epiphysis and diaphysis rises only

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almost continually, but had slept some during the night ; tem-

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the sacral uterine ligaments. This condition can be easily verified, not only when

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separated into several bleeding fragments. The post-renal

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made a good recovery, after having been given over to die,

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no one can doubt, especially if it be added that the indications

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alike in all provers. Results which are all different, after careful

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density of the outer air and up-draughts of fireplaces. What

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Flanders, and northern Italy. This suggests that there is some specific cause

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Centers and the Will," by the pen of Mr. V. Horsley, F.R.C.S. ;

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mutual advantage. There are still, of course, lingering

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this time his course of medical reading was kept up, but

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mary, grammar, and high. In 1861 he went abroad and lived in

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