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pital, also I believe of the medical and scientific faculties of

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in wliich the word occurs Jer viii. 22, where we lead that well known

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not permit of our quoting largely from this interesting

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and the right-sided cases progressed better than the left-

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joints of the same lower extremity. In the opinions of most

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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he

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Cameron, President, in the chair. There were also present :

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But they did not make clear what they understood by the

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the conclusion that the only form of iron compound avail-

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March r)th she was able to cover the protruding part with the

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such scheme in Euglandmust differ from the original Parisian exemplar

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for the Home Department whether his attention had been directed to the

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this contentious question still exists, it is a matter for sincere regret

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are in every epidemic certain cases of direct infection, but these

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through a tube passing through the wall at the edge of the glass

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4 from diphtheria, 1 from scarlet fever, 1 from whooping cough, and 1

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tory. I may mention one such series of experiments : (o)

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grammes, and no toxic symptoms have ever tieen observed.

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of sporozoa rather than as phagocytic leucocytes. Mr. Clarke

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Guards, in the place of Surgeon-Captain J. F. Bateson.

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ing colon was found to have bf^en caused by bands. ,,. ,, ,,

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might be viewed from two standpoints : first, that which re-

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and streets are sloping acd paved with round slippery stones ;

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density, and the time it takes to spread. All these data are

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Finance Committee, presented a satisfactory interim^report of the finan-

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President of the District. Dr. Stephen Mackeiizis will give a demon-

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were of a rather doctrinaire character. A board of health

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had transfused was five pints, and that only in one case. Often

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CASE III. Hydatid of Liver; Abdnminal Section; Recovery. —'E. L., aged,

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after repeated recommendations, are at present engaged in

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especially in establishing diplomas upon a satisfactory basis, namely,

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