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nearly as possible alike in health and appearance, and

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contribution from each member would produce the proper

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was drawn to the digestive troubles and eczema induced by it. The intes-

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folie circulaire. He was a dull child, and had been so often punished

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Dorsett, of St. Louis, read a paper with this title. The

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boys. Some die of dropsy about jiuberty, others live on.

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systems, on the belief that its adoption will cure most

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Oatmeal gruel. If the cough is troublesome at night, the patient

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hearing had taken place ; and, after six decayed teeth

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the endometrium and removal of retained secundines and decompos-

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as pregnant. The problem of education must be taken over by the pro-

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quently, cathartics, or special stimulants for the mucous surfaces; or

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590 " Myalgia " — Its Diagnosis in Forivard Areas

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slight contusion of the soft parts. There is no shortening

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ics is as rare as the older authors were wont to think.

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explained when one remembers that the cartilaginous portion of the

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the correction of such conditions has always been a sub-

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tings, etc. 8. Plumbing ; traps, sinks, water-closets, baths, etc. 9.

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radial flexion and 30° dorsal flexion of the hand,

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plate, which has been lined and edged with paste, grate on

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radiate from this sphere, each bearing one or more chains of spores.

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strongly, on superficial examination, adenoma formation; but the capillary

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of "Hippocrates the Great," and Plato comparing him

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Etiology. — Catalepsy belongs to the neuroses of stability {Skh

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subjects, are all here to be ^iscussed in a manner which, I trust,

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part of the tube may be made to fit the natural curves

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minds of doctor and nurse, and on no consideration should the

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rietal peritoneum is not innervated by the superior

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ciated with the F508 mutation. This screening program has been devel-

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dural and nine of sub-dural ha;morrhage which recov-

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24 hours to manifest its effect. Action in a constant increase in the number of favor-

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tions becoming more rapid and the pulse still smaller. Tlr~

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or an evaporating lotion applied to the part. If these meas-

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and difficulty, or even inability, in rising from the recumbent

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thrown in here, to enliven the sombre hue of "the critical" post

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684 pp. Price, $3. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Company. 1894.

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Test, Naucy, 188(i, xviii, 357-369. — Mabalerie. De I'ani-

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