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from pains in the hea<l and ha<l sought treatment at another
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A very perceptible diminution had taken place, and a small hard ball
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awakened a keen interest in the subject of municipal
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yet a few remarks upon each, with especial reference to the
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masses, in the cities at least, are wide awake to the needs and necessities
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been carried above the rectum, though, by means of a
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a patient has many diseased conditions which can not be cured
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such circumstances it becomes no less than a duty for any one
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(Case CCLXII.), also after poisoning with hydrocyanic acid (Case
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cians to it — to the causes of the malignancy of this disease —
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never done the slightest harm — did their best to destroy
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second rib and sternum, along the right border of the sternum, and
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the skin and the lungs will normally be balanced by the
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lutely free from Br at the isoelectric point as well as on the alkaline
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colon in its various ])ositions. Sinuiltancous distention of the stomach
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other members of this society must have been persuaded
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and cut off from the circulation by a zone of pneumonic consolida-
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separated from the bone. The latter is removed from the
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marked, especially in the upper limbs. Grip 25 on each side.
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close to the fabc cerebri, and extending over the adjacent parts of the
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its weight of water." Professor Leslie proposes to institute a
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posed of that objection. A species of tsetse-fly, afterward identified by
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or air-bubbles admitted through veins either wounded by instruments or
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owing to its ease of introduction and removal, and the
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roann^ri the arrangement of the molecules of the same substance.
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By this method, I am confident, the State will save in time (an inquest will
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using a glass syringe some days before. On examina-

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