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orthopedia or ortho-kinetics has taught me the efficacy of persuasion
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or other ingredients, to divest it of its repulsiveness, may be substituted. Of
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masses also occur on the neighboring valves. Further up, at the arch of the aorta, the
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is the most powerful advocate of this method of treatment,
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cation and practice yield larger and more successful
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systemic and pulmonary circulations, it must necessarily be so.
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due to the ventricle; furthermore, that the apex beats too
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ever, points out that in each instance conclusions have been
revia zyrtec drug interaction
Lithographic Illustrations. Reprinted from the British Medical Journal,
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necessary to consider this point very carefully, with the view of
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Grier recommends that assistant-surgeons be ordered,
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may also, perhaps, be due to the same cause, and be elucidated by the
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perished but a few weeks before, and escape the infection."
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Definition. — An infectious disease of children, characterized by sud-
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Mordough, Dr. Ed. F., treatment of epileptic convulsions
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but constitutes a wider generalization and a broader basis for its opera-
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seeing that there are 8(!1 pages of letterpress in the
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SVC relief, but did not Improve condition greatly ; removed 15
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appeared to have been moulded by the bladder; the lower part
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Pianese found similar parasites in cases of splenomegaly in children
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on which the integrity and expansion of the future cranium de-
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read a paper on this subject. [Dr. Skene's paper will be pub-
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