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In conversation with the young man, we learned that he was
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At the end of another hour the pupils were normal, the ery-
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illness of her child to such an extent that Scanty milk of a poor quality is usually
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patient's attention, or at all events to lead him to seek treatment at the
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de la Polielin. do Par., 1894, iv, 320-325. Aho: Bnll. et
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On the other hand, of the complicated cases four died, two were not
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thus connected, on the one hand, with mechanical philosophy,
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to say, unhesitatingly, here is a case in which neither disinfectants or
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It will be seen that the life of the clergyman is on an aver-
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diminished the caliber of the canal immediately above the chief
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January 8th. — Temperature 99° in the axilla, 100°
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pyresis and Antipyretic Methods of Treatment. By Dr. H. von Ziems-
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About a twelvemonth ago, I saw iu consultation with
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this local medication bad any beneficial effects, he
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by mechanical trituration in the stomach, and preferred
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have some memorable examples. All are heaven and earth than are dreamed of in
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seems to have affected the issuing seventh, as there was also conjugate
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who were bled died, 9,000 of them in Rome alone. In unblcd
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periti giud. ed uff. san. [etc.], Napoli, 1899, iii, 241-248. —
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to be due to deterioration of vital forces ; but non-union and false
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are stained, as a rule, although if tissue cells chance to be present
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dominate the cognition, for there are those to whom the things of
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Microfdaria nocturna. In the blood they appear as little wriggling
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matism must be classed among the microbic diseases.
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