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bladder was (a) contracted, suppurating, thick-walled, and use-
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mild sulphur ointment. 5 gr. of precipitated sulphur to 1
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reduce the drug-bill, where such efforts do not mean loss of efficacy in
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by the local boards of health, and we find, stating the matter
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This case furnishes another example of the ru[)ture
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•Iways more numerous, as well as more severe, at night time. In the
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rence of anasarca, developed rapidly, accompanied with febrile symptoms,
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No. 55.— Skull's Antiseptic SursTioal S t. in Nickel Silver Folding Case forming:
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the disease varies but little in its fatal progress. Laennee says,
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lowed in these instances is itself proof that the glasses
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Weflbach, in the dukedom of Nassau, of Eilsen, in the principality of
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ternational Globe being printed back to back on one sheet.
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to accept to the extent that small-pox of the virulence of 1871 would, in
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and in this class are included the cases suffering from coma, hysteria,
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contact with the diaphragm, and no part descending below the ribs. Its
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ordered in physicians' prescriptions. A gargle was or-
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tional symptoms, but that the baccillus generate^ this ptomaine.
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upon compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, also the
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knees and elbows, mostly, however, the knees, which now
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material for general use. I am still prepared to favor the method
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Each corpus cavernosum is composed of a strong fibrous coat,
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but that there is a vast deal of truth in what Dr. Baker has
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■\Vilson; Dr. Evans; Mr. .A. Martin; Dr. Bullae; Dr. Graii.y
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on deep inspiration were to be heard. Sputum was col-
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Dr. Dickinson considers as follows, in the London Medico-
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Sill' was oxaniint'il and found to linvc a recto-vulva
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farious manifestations that has not been removed by suggestion during

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