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procured the expulsion of the heads of seven worms at one evacuation.
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from liver to kidney as the primary organ of erythropoietin
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where, because of the wideness of the Centurion'^s ports, her guns
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only a simple cx>rd of connective tissue is left.
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Medical Officer or the trained superintendent ourse,
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deny its contagiousness. They are not all maculated or petechial, but
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3. The method employed in this investigation is of such simplicity and
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suffers very much from breathlessness and palpitation; there is
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multinodular and uninodular. The uninodular when edematous present
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use of the bicycle in patients to whom walking was diffi-
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the second child within 70 seconds. The broad ligaments were
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associated morbid conditions, while,. among the general diseases, a full
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direction perpendicular to the skin on which they stand, they may
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where to direct the ether spray, and, after about twenty
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Such as the Bee, Wasp, and Hornet, are sometimes very painful, but
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ward into the lungs ; each branch admitted three fingers.
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surface of the body felt very cold. And in another case, a young lad, the
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the brim unsynnmetrical, should the vertex present in the contracted side
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or somatose, S-to-7-per cent, solution ; neither was
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current beliefs in regard to the occurrence of such lesions. The number of
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more serious objection is that of Arrhenius (Immunochemie, Leipzig, 1907). This
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will be seen that M. Aran makes the uterus play a very subordinate
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with the 15.38 before the transfusion, indicates a change in the relative propor-

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