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varicose, often forming polypoid protrusions. There may be more or
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perance, imm jrality, and indigence, the remedies appear to be
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with malignant disease of the larynx, and that is by total extirpation of
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has the power to grant what is called the Doctorate of Medicine of Lambeth." He
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in Fig. 170. This movement is also used for purposes other
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of the command in regard to race, and the type of action the
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She died at 11 A. M., "after a hard struggle," as I was told.
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1. Bengtsson G, Carlsson G, Hafstrom L, Jonsson PE. Natural history of pa-
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months his life had become almost intolerable. He was obliged to sit all
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masses also occur on the neighboring valves. Further up, at the arch of the aorta, the
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decomposing healthy tissue, or of the products of local inflam-
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side by side the cells in these cases it is hoped that a clearer insight
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" active congestion," and an increased outflow of fluid from the vessels.
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procedure : — (a) By stripping off the soft tissues from the hard
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terized by hemorrhages or interstitial cellular accumulations. These ana-
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respecting the state of health of the person. In acting otherwise, he would bel
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drenching the operator, striking his face, and some of it reach-
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fey the stomach itself or by the large intestines, or injected into
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repeated the experiments of Ponflck, and confirm his statements. It
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thrombosis of the basilar artery in consequence of atheromatous degeneration,

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