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into war. This war called out the medical energies of the colonies,
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pulmonary lesions in any of the ways described. Old tuberculosis
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of the delivery of the placenta, and in confirmation of which
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from 10 to 13, while a large increase took place in the diseases reported
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leads us to the same conclusion with reference to oxa-
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ducing abortion in small animals and also in the mare and cow. Meyer
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known statistician of the Prudential Insurance Com-
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urine was not clear ;" but three weeks before admission he passed a
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or deeply inflamed ; or occasionally ulcerated on its surface, and discharging
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but it may be safely said that this point is somewhere within twen-
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the specific bacillus has been found. If the condition of the tongue imme-
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prompt rash determination to marriage, or husband and wife to
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not fatal in ten days after the receipt of the wound,
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adnexa upon reflex phenomena, 35, 44; the backward displacements
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the committee of arrangements, at the Hollenden. On Thurs-
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into a long and taxing battle, and his daily caloric
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apparatus. Sounds may be conducted to the auditory nerves through the
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win] Hnrry). Atlas of electric cystoscopy. 8°. London,
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fact it is a myxomatous condition of the fat surrounding the
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opening in this case was kept open for some months. He then declined
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have been discovered beside those discovered by Hahnemann,
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were included within the same blood corpuscle, we have seen the

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