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the disease, it is often mistaken for an intercurrent acddent, in spite of

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nerve-cells may react vigorously to a stimulus, but this

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bread. At the end of eighteen months I increased her diet

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the knees, and equally marked on both sides. There was no

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nient for administration. Nothing more is needed, and when we begin

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liable to be seriously inconvenienced by diabetes or to

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very favorable, notwithstanding the high temperature

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of the synovial membrane, cover the tendon at this point, and convert

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Dose-Book and Manual of Prescription-Writing. By E. Q. Thornton,

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for 1875 contains an article on " Chronic Laryngitis,"

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twice removed, but returned after both operations. In

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M.D. {Times, June 3, 1 882), promises good results,

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Dr. Bankier Sloan said that in Mesopotamia oriental sores

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days, is not malarial in character. This fact is used as a means of diag-

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Professor A. Adamkiewicz, of Cracow, recently made a

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Endocardial murmurs arc not infrequently found in cases of cboreii

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oles" further show a luster not seen in the parasites. It is difficult

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doses, marked stomatitis and irritation of the mnoous

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regions. At a point one inch below the nipple, on the fifth rib, a ** ventillant," a sound

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vigorated ; the crisis is past, and sanity of mind is rapidly suc-

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these salts being abundant in vegetable food. Admitting a deficient

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tion will occupy several weeks, and subsequent contractions and stric-

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cations. Of these, lactic acid is best. Cocaine must be thoroughly applied

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duodenal bulb and this is true for most cases. Apparently the pylorus acts as a natural barrier to the

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in pioneering a path as yet untrodden, and is the result, as may

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a reducible as well as an oxidizable substance must be present

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lated ; distended with air and some fajcal matter. No ligatures

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is obvious to the patient, to the pathologist a link is still wanting to con-

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