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porize and allow a patient with fever but uncertain diagnosis to go

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relapse after some years of good health, during which the patient has

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and perhaps the chief way in which the sound itself

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m&m. Soc. fran9. d'opht.. Par.. 1890, xiv, 444-440. — IVagel.

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To sum up : At this time with the system of whole-time county health

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hardened dung. Return prolapsed bowel. Cooling, diges-

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tion and increased its strength. The result encouraged me in a perseverance

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four months, and contmued treatment for ten months. He was in the

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varying tastes must tend to exclude personal idiosyncrasies and thereby

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gangrene. He thought they were in Dr. Poynton's liands, and that

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what the testes are to men, and that by their complete

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Virginia administration to develop a means so that these

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to be modified. In spite of this, she was so relieved of her sen-

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of gastropathic origin, while by others dyspepsia has

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any conclusive end. Nevertheless certain observations were made

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palpebra inferiore. Bull. d. r. Accad. in('<l. di Ivoma,

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made by a careful study of all tlie points in the case.

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points of interest concerning the reaction. The re-

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to the course of the superficial nerves (ulnar or facial) with the point of a

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The genus Glossina belongs to the sub-family Muscinje, of

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iiuu-tality, that in some ordinary years diarrhoea has been more

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