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like all the others, — ^frictions, injections, etc., — ^it has its indica-

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may be distinguished, for in the former the blood-press-

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is usually not present in the serum in sufficient quantities to

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experience, in which it was noted without disease of the pancreas.

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the man who has been just to his profession is alone in possession

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pecuniary independence. The reply to this is obvious,

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each gentleman relating a case or two in his practice.

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which hitter, by depccnding: from the orp:anic to the mineral plane, sets free

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might find himself, he was always ready to give his aid

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Dissolve the soap in five ounces of warm water. Dis-

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almost uninterrupted, and sometimes watery diarrhoea was added

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into the diseased area. This exudation may afterward be ab-

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pression is so great as to cause almost entire occlusion of

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nistration, and rapid inunction ; purgative enemata, largely

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present, together with a small amount of pus. The urine is usually acid,

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think we can appeal to public opinion if we forgive such a crime

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the necessity of restoring the nutritive functions, if pos-

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