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suggest to the patient that there is nothing verv serious the
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attain to a sufiScient size to form a tumor perceptible by palpation. The
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that there is a continuance of the influence which pro-
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tality experience specific to the diagnostic or procedure
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not so reliable although less likely to disagree with the stomach. The
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advance agent to various given points, to contract with
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of an inquirer. The text-books which he studies are little
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luefol as palliativee in proportion to th« omoimt of tormina and abdomind
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Swellingcommencedleaving tongue and eyes and patient was
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women." So that he confesses he never saw the attempt made to resist,
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iu the puerperal woman especially invites infection, which is invariably
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some increase in the secretion from the adrenal cortex.
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pleased to find that wi are agreed as to the most desir-
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ings, are usually limited to that more central portion d
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and OrthopsDdic Instruments with which he may be entrusted, on the shortest notice and iu the most
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only disappears now and then, for short periods, unfortunately cannot
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of the opened heart being 575 grams. Adhesions similar to
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that all cases of appendicitis should be operated upon as soon as the diag-
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work it would be done. He considered Dr. O'Farrell's
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kind, and so reports himself now, but refuses cystoscopic or other ex-

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