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fresa blood. It is not in the least unpleasant, and does not blacken the

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was found to be drawn to one side, and complete absence

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but that there is a vast deal of truth in what Dr. Baker has

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taken place three and a half years previously. There

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(i,) That the presentation should be natural or cranial, except in some

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They will receive from $10 to $17 per month, rated accord-

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* Being, witli additions, tlie reports of two cases related at tlie

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times extremely useful in warding oif the attacks. Patients

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forward to show that its influence is destructive of function ;

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ability and persevering industry. Ho was the son of a

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more reddish or reddish brown in color; often small subserous foci of

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with an iridectomy or a tenotomy, or with both. — London Mtd. Record, Dec.

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said, in a censorious spirit that we began the perusal of this

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278. X'ouchers for laundry at a hospital where there is no matron

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expended in supporting the operations of the digestive and respiratory

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world: in Alaska, at Erlangen, Boston, Ireland, Italy, France, Switzer-

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question has an especial importance. We know, in fact, that &L

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Prize Committee. The subject is open to public competition,

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I would not expect them to be shoved back and out of tlieir just rights. If they go to their

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