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covery, the deaths have been fewer than would have occurred among

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tion very slow to cure. In one experiment, M. Curie

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epidemic, and the age and constitutional pecuHarities of the persons suf-

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was wanted, fair opportunity for its production, and judi-

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temperature declines and may fall to the normal standard.

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medical societies throughout the country. And here, lest we

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school" ? Well may they claim that they have no system, for

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tion and elimination of indican alone. Further, if the stage at

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John Alden Life’s decision to base its reimbursement

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fn: and renew v;d air •, but tliat mephitic, ftagnant air, in which

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when it is possible to inject the mixture into large leprous

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does not eventuate in pneumonitis. Cases in which these two affections

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The shortest violet wave, just before extinction in the

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devices ; but if removal of cancer were really necessary, then he

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two years before he could walk. At five years of age, he was carefully

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bladder, the contractions of which have then disappeared.

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in Southern Germany, France, and Italy. There have been three cases

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have given, of his being qualified tou lead in an untrodden paih.

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Though occasionally lupus spreads rapidly and deeply, its progress is in

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newly nominated Council: — Appointed by the Privy Council —

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at Charing-Cross Hospital for the distribution of prizes to the

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tress. There is no doubt of the similarity in some respects of the

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Eczema is, in his opinion, a chronic parasitic catarrh of tiie skin, with

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pr. NV. K. Hii!i>sAi.i. saw no necessity for assuming,' a lesion

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transverse diameter becoming at the same time smallep, and the

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