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from the cow, and with the matter of human vaccinia,
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kind are by no means rare in orthopjedic practice, as many
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the presence or absence of one special bacillus. What was really needed was
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through the frontal duct into the sinus, upon its with-
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Es i^Zl 'T GnCe *? \ Woman delivered of a child eighteen
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words " after delivery." If such cases had occurred among
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larities should be corrected, and proves how effectually this may be
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2 Prophylactic Nitrate Therapy — CARDIZEM may be safely co-
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broken open through the Health Department doors? Assuredly
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before the lapse of many months, we may follow along this line in
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I have some doubt whether it is convenient or even possible in all
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place in the Physician's dietetic Ust. Carlowitz i.s become
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inch thick, folded double, is suitable; it should be 13^ inches broad and
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and most descriptions of game, if not too long kept, (high,) pigeons,
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The symptoms of pneumonia, either catarrhal or croupous are
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applied quite perpendicularly to the cranium. Xow, these
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haemorrhage ; one may state that but as a rule the amount of blood lost lies
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State Board of Health has enforced strict quarantine
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been called molluscum sebaceum, molluscum sessile, and molluscum
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generally discontinued. — Dr. Hunter in Med. Bee.
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acceptation. Notwithstanding the opposition of some members the fact was
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For the ignorant to exhibit a patent medicine to a man who is already
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consideration, if fully established, might prove of value in some of the

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