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Neither tube nor ligament showed any indication of inflam-
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times extremely useful in warding oif the attacks. Patients
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Laurie Comstock Brian Dougherry David Romeo Donna Roscc
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insertions. The former did not touch the cuboid bone.
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is more of an item with the veterinarian than with the physician,
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have long been in the habit of making extract of malt for technical
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gathering of doctors merely, but admitted to its membership
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she says she feels as if sensation was impaired from waist to toes. She has
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"A woman died of consumption in the last month of her pregnancy.
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sult produced by a discharge of powder in the way supposed, must depend on
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tion,' was published by Firth and Horrocks in the British Medical
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the system. Injections were then given into the trachea.
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this local medication bad any beneficial effects, he
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both those on the panels and those outside, would be in-
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Mt>iii6r)- \ui> loccnlly imido olisiTviiliiuis wiiicii roiinidi' wiili
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which, after a few days, usually show a darker yellow cen-
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Syr. ferri iodidi in gtt. xx doses, /. i. d.,viz.% also given.
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To minimize the risk of contact lens-associated keratitis
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posed drunkenness. He should always be put to bed and be carefully
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has ahuost invariably to be taken from a main supply and we have to
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too long continued, and neuritis, wasting, and palsy may be
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The Three Tonsils : Some Practical Suggestions as to
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ful if there be a single well-authenticated case upon
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of 100 children born 10.4 for Norway and 11.9 for Scotland die,
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drainage. The patient was in a very critical condition for

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