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concerning evolution than might have been anticipated
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then give two raw eggs or a pint of milk. Perform artificial respira-
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two conditions most liable to be mistaken for extra-
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Cantab., and F.R.C.S.Ed., who, before the war, was tuberculosis
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its gradual extinction. Indeed, if all the criminals in the present
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Tlie portion of the Bill which defines and deals with
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waste teaches us a fact of great significance, for loss of substance being
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the whole of the proteid. undergoing digestion is changed first
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two grand sections, so to speak : first, that treating of
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sulfamethoxazole per 24 hours, in two divided doses every 12 hours for 10 days. Use identical daily dosage
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ment may be a part of an anterior poliomyelitis or of a ppogresaive mme
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you may give digitalis ; when you have a slow pulse, no matter how
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Symptoms. — It is only when the pouch acquires a certain size that it
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Diseases of Women. A Manual of Non-surgical Gynecology,
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treatment is of very great importance and many of the unfavorable results fol-
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attention and consideration than any other I could think of, and
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tion is placed in a glass flask with a 3 per cent, solution of acetic acid,
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cases was there a tumor of any great size, not larger, perhaps, than a
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After some discussion, in which differences of opinion
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nothing except a purgative until the exact time at which the
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versus 1 casein 140,000 doses of vaccine administered. 11
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assigned to duty as transport surgeon, Army transport Sheridan,
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masses as we have all seen removed from the abdomi-

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