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volume, partly because it refers to the labours of the late dis-
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namely, the relations of micro-organisms to wound-disturbances. While
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pours likely to affect them; and afterwards kept in bottles, jars,
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Their patronage is, therefore, respectfully solicited.
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grene, inflammation of the lymphatics, or of the medullary cavity
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their numbers not a few disciples of the Brunonian school ; indeed, this
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into the tissue — for example, run-over cases — and it may
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which gives rise to the endotheliomata, which occupy an
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ticable fluoroscopic methods. It was surprising to see
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Both forms are used considerably in France. Vienna paste
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disease, natural vaccination, as it were, from the disease".' If so, sui)posing by
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of March 20th she improved, her pulse being around 90 and
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not mind spending it there. Among other things he asked if
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digest well during the first four months of infancy.
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ical significance of moisture in the air varies with many factors, but
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Wassermann test, but presented no other evidence of syphilis.
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tion, the establishment of A'illages for isolation, observation, and
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as if to relieve the bowels, the finger in the vagina will
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The whole number of deaths reported for the county for 1857 was
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scaphoid ligament. He knew that there w^ere many other struc-
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parietes, and compresses and bandages are to be so applied as to take off the
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the treatment of perityphlitic or fecal abscess. Further details belong to sur-
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