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fully and lovingly cared for they are also jealously shielded from
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ing of considerable permanency. In those constantly ex-
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wine. Under the microscope this stnicture showed numerous large oil
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The diagnosis was, that the patient suflered from pyelitis as well as from
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the same time. It then became apparent that the vas was not
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sister of the ward said she could not take that responsibility ; she feared
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exaggeration of feminine characters, the fact of male hysteria deserved special
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what similar to a case under the care of the late Mr. Liston, where the patient
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forms of icterus characterized by a tendency to re-
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embryo passes into the labium, and when the mosquito bites it
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as a predisposing cause of consumption ; he could see no connection
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pulse it would seem as if this presystolic bruit was
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combined transformed the whole atmosphere of the institutions for
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oped a hyphomycete which differed from the one isolated by the writer.
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si)ores in the plasma, by a mechanism intimately connected with the
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According to Frerichs, acute atrophy of the liver is to be determined
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thought superogatory to mention it again ; yet the importance
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plenty of albumin, but no other symptom of nephritis. CEdema, pollakiuria, cryaesthesia,
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art devoted to labor in allits various presentations,
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ing effect in a serum dilution of 1:16; the patient
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repeated haemoptysis in diabetic patients with tuberculosis. In my clinical
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edges of the gums. Painters most frequently suffer from
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the symptoms are slight and doubtful and it is of some
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congestion of the right arui following exercise of its mus-
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the effects of cold.* It is upon this principle, the law of nature ena-
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in their physical character presented no appreciable peculiarity.

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