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cited) relief from pain, soreness and disability. A second
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private practice, and the large majority of them from the
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centres. Every careful observer of the disease must have
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months, and, as far as the asthmatic disturbance in his chest
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performed. For this condition, I have used with benefit the
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present. The liver was enlarged, and there was evi -
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agent amounts to a diminution of the vascular bed of a certain
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above, and two further on, one at the superior extremity
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21. ObePlXT R. " Tumours of the Bmin and its Membranes," von Ziemssen's Curlopcedia
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"Where there is no virus there can be no metastasis.
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Laurier, the premier of Canada, the silver-tongued orator.
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present, is due to the intensity of febrile movement. The urine is scanty,
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travel by the underground road during the recent hot days,
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In the report of Chesnut and WUcox on stock-poisonmg plants
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then." long and meritorious services to the institution,
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ulceration of the upper air passages in diabetics, and
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early years of life ; out of fourteen cases, he had met with
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"Neither the brain, nor the spinal marrow, nor their mem-
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where delusion of some kind has occasioned or pi'onipted the murderous
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further from the type of health, and some in Avhich
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heinipleg;ia of pliildhond. 1 1 ad it not been ])resent in this
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owe their extinction to having developed a degree of med-
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and attempt to flex it. For testing the posterior thigh muscles

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