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walls of the abdomen ; in fact, the expansion and contraction of
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phrenic abscess corresponding to six areas on the under surface of the
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occurring in measles and scarlet fever together with the sug-
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remarked, that touches not the principle of the measure, but only the
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noticed that both were affected, but that while the
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because the patient's strength required building up, and because she had to
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flow of the current. The simplest plan of ventilation is by means of
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for a week or ten days before death. In fatal cases the respiration ceases
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it is difficult to see what indication they fulfil which may not be equally
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To explain the displacement of the air within the bronchi
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Syphilis.) treat of " the Administration of Mercury." We do
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and inexperience ought not to be preferred to age and
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generally discontinued. — Dr. Hunter in Med. Bee.
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Examination of the lungs showed dulness over the left base al-
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by the patient. So earnest was she, indeed, to have the opera-
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tendon will come close together, otherwise, when they unite, they
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ing the rate of [ 3 H]proline incorporation into CDP (Ta-
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and sometimes of a scanning character. This symptom was present in
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two months before. Three weeks before the child became dull,
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may be added until, by accurate measurement, no overriding of the
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