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distressing straining ; or greenish, sour-smelling, or fetid ; also when

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as a transitory condition in the development of the circulatory apparatus of

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Caroline May Bensley, S.B., Research Assistant in Anatomy.

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dense vapor rise that had a very offensive odor. The butcher's

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which regulates the disposition of the bodily heat.

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demonstrate their true relations by thyroid treatment. In some parts of

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laryngitis, which were usually combined or followed by

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WiNSLOw, J. B. (a Dane), Professor of anatomy in Paris,

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Group I. — ^The numerous cases that have progressed to an advanced and

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ebriety is merely an outlet for insanity, or insanity in an-

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"There are likewise no grounds for the popular belief, that

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days), both highly statistically significantly different from

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Not infrequently do we find that cancer occurs more

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and often have only a brief duration. They prove, however,

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iron, form the basis of tlie lines on which most physicians

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Echo-Cardiology , fourth Friday, 12:00 noon, Wadley Regional Medical Center

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were taken range from twenty- eight to forty-seven. The

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della circolazione utei o-jilacentare; considerazioni cliniche.

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tion to the intensity of these, will be the risk. A diarrhoea is

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splint which I had constructed only admitted of being adjusted in

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fully discussed as the plan of this work allows, when speaking of the

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made upon the pulse ; directed five grains of calomel to be given every

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is a fair inference from the fact that this form of disease is found incasis

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