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causing their degeneration. An important point to remember concerning
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how are hereditary traits represented in these cells and
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marrotte. Tic non douloureux de la face, de nature hys-
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in the "Notes on Cholera," and with my diagrammatic repre-
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duced. Indeed, no one, when he has unintentionally become
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present medical officers are dissatisfied with their
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20 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter, which has spouts for five
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The Clark County Medical Society held a meeting at Spring-
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duction was a perfect one. Might there not I of a wide experience, in which acute rheu-
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Family history negative. Menstruation mouths he gives pills of 1-6 to 1-3 grain
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(A.) Aannierkingeii over bet nuttig gebruik van den
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two observations made at rig-ht aiioles to each other.
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authority. Filix-mas, also, the name of the species, is a compound
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Avith little or no practical inconvenience, are not uncommon, and Dr, Henry
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the trunk. The hands are then brought close to the feet, pulled upwards
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contact with the thoracic walL Toward the end of the. first week, on
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flowed the principal errors into which the writers who have expa-
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of the prevalence, and of the deleterious effects of
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some years ago, one fact had impressed him in particular,
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read a most exhaustive paper on Lumbar Puncture and
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Wishcenns is to be found in a lecture by Dr. Frankland, Proceedings of the
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being then in her 38th year, in Bcthnal House Asylum, near
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Question VIII. is answered definitely "no," by seventeen,
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placed it, aided in all probability by its own weight. N^ow
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books were received as evidence. The lower court allowed

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