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all the bismuth tests, of forming a black precipitate with the sulphur

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this is in the middle cerebral artery, the most common seat, there will be

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double tube. This patient recovered after a tardy convalescence,

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According to Rosenfeld, (1) an alkaline reaction is not found

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and permanent relief. Of stimulants, coffee is the best : immediately

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and extends to the surrounding lung-tissue, till finally an entire lobe, or

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Treatment is unsatisfactory. The prolonged use of electricity has

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a child, in a hot pack, or bath, has proved of benefit in allaying

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Diagnosis. — This may be accurately made upon the discovery of

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a soldier Avho had come from Porto Rico. No essential pathologic

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does much to allfty the congestion and irritability. A spray of cocain

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perhaps rapid pulse, loss of coordination, numbness, coldness of the

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degree, or if too frequently repeated, becomes a disease, though it is

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be under observation some time before its real nature is ascertained. The

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monia by the absence of an initial rigor, fever, crepitant rales, and the

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swollen, tumefied, and reddened mucosa. These changes affect the

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hepatic enlargement. Epistaxis may become obstinate. Retinal hemor-

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; hair follicles bacteria cannot readily enter; and that when they do

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class of phenomena, taken together, constitute a physical theory.''

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still, small voice, and one who now looks down upon the mind-

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mucus predominates there is very little odor. The color and

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The course and the results of antisyphilitic treatment are of value

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decision, which seems to be the end process in the intellectual chain of

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valve ; (b) contraction or weakening of the chordae tendinese ; and (c)

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affections of the organ. The beneficial effects are principally attribu-

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hemorrhages into the skin take the form of petechia, vibices, or ecchy-

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while, but in this case the natural law of reaction took place

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These usually take the form of a desire to recall some unimportant word

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pure physical exhaustion. The so-called religious ceremonies of the

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of the affection, but cannot set the question of diagnosis at rest. The

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cases almost totally disappeared. Necrotic degeneration of the media,

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method in obstinate cases is to curette the ulcers and rub into them

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suyrci) ; ( f ) Portal obstruction, occurring in chronic heart- or kidney-

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From the NOSE, i. e., through the olfactory nerve, smells to the

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affections often manifest atony of the intestine as a symptom ; hence

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rieties of trematodes or flukes, is the distoma hepaticum or liver-fluke,

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very uncomfortable about some part of the trunk. The paralytic stage

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arms and knees. They may vanish after a while and leave the skin pig-

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