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The general symptoms undergo a modification, due to the suppurative

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other road. But you keep on, passing one small obstacle after

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patient, the localization of the pain in the right hypochoudrium, the

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muscular structure to a greater or a less extent. Under such conditions

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hyperemia in the gray substance ; ^ in the medulla, however, he ob-

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Difi'use tenderness in the absence of a new growth is of great diagnostic

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Loiver-segment or Loiver-system Diseases. — This includes the periph-

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the opposite side, moving it at brief intervals in the downward direction.

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noted : (a) Most epidemics occur in spring and summer ; [h) It is more

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coraceous, due, most probably, to the putrid decomposition of stagnated

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The kidneys are usually involved, the changes being similar in char-

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Boston University Medical Library has recently received several

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those cases in which sclerosis of the cord occurs. Tabetic symptoms

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form convulsions have been attributed to their presence.

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Relapses occur in nearly one-half the total number of persons who

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gradually with the development of the abscess. Later, the tumor may

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able value, but internally quinin, iron, and strychnin, and, if stimulation

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" This is a well-written, eminently practical volume, which "covers the entire range of

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after this a flannel band may be applied. The local abstraction of blood

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Pathology and Ktiology. — As a primary disease tricuspid in-

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quiz compend. To medical students and, to a lesser extent, to ortho-

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If the kidney be removed Avhile the growth is still small, the prog-

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aminations to be properly made (by the use of the color test) and suffi-

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the strictures were exactly similar to those of the urethra, one being situated in the

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small aneurysms of the middle cerebral artery. In the brain the vari-

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